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Two NXT Divas Work the Madison Square Garden Live Event:



NXT divas Charlotte and Sasha Banks were on hand at last night’s Live Event at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

The NXT Women’s Champion and her BFF faced two of WWE’s longest tenured divas,  Nikki Bella and Natalya.

The Total Divas were the victorious teams, and word came out that the NXT Divas looked a lot more comfortable in the ring than most NXT stars do at WWE Live Events, also Nikki called the match her best ever.

Does this look for a call up for the two BFF’s? Emma and Paige were on live events the week before they were called up to the main roster!


Some more information is coming out about Emma’s future with WWE.

Wrestling News Source is reporting Emma’s future is still unclear. While WWE rehired her last week following her release from WWE stemming from her Larceny arrest last week.

Backstage feeling is that everyone believes her…



Renee Young continues to climb a lot of rings on WWE’s ladder. She has just been promoted to a commentator on WWE Superstars, the first female commentator on WWE’s main roster in over ten years, last being Lisa Moretti or Ivory, who used to commentate for Sunday Night Heat.

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Divas Title Match Confirmed for Battleground:


Paige will get her chance to win back the Divas Championship back in 8 days.

It was announced on Smackdown last night that AJ will defend the butterfly belt against Paige at Battleground. 

Battleground takes place next Sunday, July 20th from Tampa Florida. It will air live on the WWE Network and certain cable providers go here for more information.

Who do you see walking out of Tampa as Champion?